If you're not already a Prime subscriber, Prime Video is definitely a factor to consider.

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Recently, Amazon has cracked down on how generous Prime members can be with sharing their membership benefits; they can now share their benefits with one "adult," as opposed to the previously allowed four (though four "kids" can still be included).

But Prime subscribers do still have the ability to share access to Prime Video features which can be used across multiple devices (Netflix, on the other hand, requires an additional fee for two screens, and Hulu only allows one-viewer accounts).

Unlike its streaming competition, there's a bunch of pay content mixed in with the gratis stuff and it can be difficult (sometimes frustratingly so) to separate.

Amazon's video business model appears to have been built around luring viewers in with the promise of free stuff, and then persistently upselling them additional content which they can rent or buy with a simple click. But that being said, Prime Video has much to offer and has quietly evolved into a premier streaming service in and of itself.

X-Ray is the Prime Video feature that feeds viewers a steady stream of info about the actors, filmmakers, music, and assorted trivia in each scene.

It's a sort of live-running commentary of behind-the-scenes factoids.

Furthermore, Amazon gives viewers the ability to customize how the captions look on the Amazon Video Setting page.

One of Prime Video's chief annoyances is the "Next Up" feature.

To enable this feature (at least on the mobile apps), tap the closed captioning icon at the bottom of the page and toggle captions on.

Here, you will also have the ability to choose various languages based on what's available for that program.

You can, however, turn off the Auto Play function so the next episode won't automatically begin—this may be a good or bad thing depending on your particular lifestyle.