Another look at life in a little post-WWII Italian village, where catholism and communism fight each other. Sie müssen nicht bis nach Italien fahren, um mediterrane Leckereien zu genießen.

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Bewildered, Don Camillo learns that Peppone intends to stand for parliament.

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Quite spontaneously, Abdon Boni and Giulio Bersellini offered to meet me in the Piazza the next day and to slip into the roles of the main protagonists.

The picture shown is from a scene out of , where Don Camillo, the village priest, and Peppone, the mayor, try to carry out a cloak and dagger operation to make an American tank from the Second World War disappear.

, is perfectly reflected in Thomas Schwob’s experiences during a visit to Brescello.

Equipped with an M2, he spent eleven days in the small town on the plaines of the Po river in Italy, home to the well-known film characters, Don Camillo and Peppone.

Südwestlich von Bad Tölz, zwischen Starnberger See und Walchensee gelegen, finden Sie unser Restaurant im schönen Benediktbeuern.