This introduced him to the butchering and meat cutting trades. He also spent three seasons working in the wheat harvest in southern Alberta.

During this time the family farm remained his home; until at the age of 25 he married Sylvia Nieveen, and they established a home of their own." Neil married Sylvia Nieveen on March 10, 1927.

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Gerald Roy Slotemaker, born October 26, 1943 in Bellingham, Washington.

On December 8, 1941 Neil was seriously injured in a logging accident. Ruth recalls, "Dad was raised in a very strict Christian Reformed home and church and in his late teens or early twenties he rebelled and quit going to church Dad was always an individualist and didnt like his kids to conform, just to conform.

If a skunk or mink made the mistake of getting caught in a muskrat trap, that was no offence to Neal [sic].

It added a little color and odor to the proceedings, as well as more cash for the pelts.

So I told him; he stopped and went back and picked it up.

It had a fair amount of money in it, and this was at a time when we were very hard up, what with all of us kids at home yet.

This was two or so months before he died, and he knew he had Hodgkins disease and that he was going to die.

Mom believes that Dad came to the Lord the day before he died.

He attended first and second grades at public school, where he learned to speak English.

His brother Henry wrote in The Slotemaker Story, "Mother and Dad spoke only Dutch in [our] home until after their first son started school, and it was in school that he learned his first English.

When introduced to farm chores at the age of 11, Neil quickly demonstrated his preference to trapping fur-bearing animals found around the farm, "so," Henry writes, "he acquired a few traps.