To get to where he is today, Ben followed a strict nutrition and training plan and even steered clear of alcohol on a lad’s skiing trip to the South of France (he is pictured, left, on week two and, right, week three)Meal 1: 2 egg, poached or boiled Meal 2: Vitality Complete shake, 1 scoop mixed with water Meal 3: 1 chicken breast, grilled, baked or steamed Meal 4: 1 salmon fillet, grilled, baked or steamed Meal 5: Vitality Muscle shake, 1 scoop mixed with water Meal 6: 1 fillet of white fish, grilled, baked or steamed Meal 7: 1 scoop Myprotein Micellar Casein mixed with water Personal Trainer Tom Pitfield, from Hale Country Club, says that he has observed a growing number of middle-aged men looking to overhaul their health.

'Ben is a great example of how age should not be a limitation when it comes to setting new fitness goals.

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De Kalb police spokeswoman, Shiera Campbell, said medical professionals are currently trying to find out the exact cause of death. The medical examiner said it would take a very long time to identify the body and his cause of death may never be revealed.'Right now, they don’t even know how long he’s been dead,' Campbell revealed.'We do have to talk to the family and see exactly what happened with this person.

It is believed he moved in after the parents died,' Campbell continued.

The man reportedly told a neighbor in the Ellenwood area - the neighbor eventually called the police on Monday.

Officials say they saw the 'skeleton' through a window of the home, which was located at Telstar Drive.

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