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I don’t consider it expensive anymore considering its quality and durability because it can do the basic and it’s definitely not cheaply made either. Move the body anyway you wish and you can move the joints so you can enjoy different sex positions.

Just like the other sex dolls, Maddie allows you to play with her and have fun. 📌 Maddie is made from TPE material with metal skeleton and movable joints.

In fact, although I am not into other sex toys, I find her great and most customers feel the same. For most men, Katy have sufficient depth in her holes. For men with below 7 inches in length, the sex doll should be pleasurable enough.

Also, her mouth should have depth, so it’s useful for me in terms of oral sex.

The Maddie sex doll is top and high quality, in full human size at 168cm/5.5ft, with big breasts.

The manufacturer considered the environmental protection and human safety in the creation of the doll, as it is made using exquisite production process. Renee is from Real Doll, which claims to be the home of the world’s finest doll.Her skin is soft, her face is beautiful and her wig is easy to comb.Yes, Katy look superior to most sex products and something you definitely want in your bed. I included this on top of the list because I believe that this product is great.This Emily sex doll is perfectly size for your sex needs.Its weight is perfect for fucking; you will never get enough of her. The good thing about Emily is that it saves you the extra dollars because she’s one of the most affordable high-end sex dolls.Most guys are only after Emily’s holes, but you’ll definitely enjoy that she has the body of swimsuit model.