Message Number: 23725 / Date Posted: 21/10/2013 ABBOTT, GILLIAN from UNKNOWN is being searched for by ROGER TAYLOR from MORAIRA It would be wonderful to make contact with you after all these years - to recall old times, explain important things too!

Yoo for harassing and trying to blackmail Ivy for money.

Article: Wheesung "I was hurt a lot through love, I haven't dated since my discharge from the army" Source: Mydaily via Nate 1. but then I see her coming out of the house with another man ㅋㅋㅋ talk about feeling dirty 3. [ 17, -2] Lyrics from his song 'The Star Fades' "The woman I've been dating for 1,000 days is blindingly beautiful, I suggested she be a celebrity because her beauty was too good to waste, and she was successful and earned huge popularity" 9.

He was born on 17th April 1965 at Rosie Maternity Hospital, Gainsborough She would love him to get in touch Message Number: 6194 / Date Posted: 17/02/2006 ADAMS, DOROTHY JOYCE from UNKNOWN is being searched for by DIANE JONES from LEICESTER I was born on the 4/07/57 at shrewsbury hospital, my mother was staying at a mother and baby home called chaddslode abbey foregate being searched for by HELEN KLEIN (NEE ABBOTT) from UNKNOWN I am looking for my cousin Mark Abbott.

I lost touch with him when he moved to Wales after he married.

Undercover netizens revealed that Ivy two timed her ex-boyfriend/stalker Yoo with another singer (allegedly Wheesung). Check out the trail of evidence that lead them to this conclusion.

Although there is no sex tape to be found, netizens have gathered pieces of the puzzle to prove that Ivy is a manipulative double timer.

Message Number: 17591 / Date Posted: 20/05/2010 ADAM, BRYAN from UNKNOWN is being searched for by LIZ TAYLOR from NEWTONGRANGE BRYAN, NOTHING IS THAT BAD THAT WE CANT SORT.

10 Message Number: 46421 / Date Posted: 15/05/2016 ADAMS, TRACY ALICE from UNKNOWN is being searched for by MORGAN ADAMS from NESTLETON ON Hi Tracy its your father here, just want to know how you are and how your mum is, I heard things were not so me know if you get this.

Supposedly, Wheesung suffered from severe depression when he found out about Ivy’s naughty behavior and had to undergo psychological treatment to get over her. The poor man had even produced and wrote some of the songs on her 2nd album, “A Sweet Moment.” Ah. Such a story out in the public would be very damaging to Ivy’s “wholesome” image.