It’s fairly common that for one reason or another, xbmc users need to move their video library from one location to another.

xbmc library not updating mysql-10

If you created a fresh DB, scan all your content again, make sure to use the NAS4Free server IP rather than Net BIOS for your shares, as mentioned - not all devices may resolve the Net BIOS.

One of the first changes you’ll want to make, on your XBMC systems, is to alter what XBMC does in response to you pressing play on a file.

Setting up Kodi My SQL database sharing will overcome that limitation. First of all, if you are using only one Kodi device there is no reason to setup Kodi My SQL library sharing.

To share Kodi library with other devices, you will need access to a My SQL database server.

This allows you to pause on one device and continue on another.

Kodi device includes any device that runs a media center OS with Kodi, including Open ELEC, Xbian, Raspbmc, or the newer OSMC.

If you want to try and retain your current "master" DBs, follow the steps here: Using nano copy and paste the following information into the file, if there is already content, merge the sections appropriately: configuration found in the following location:

title=HOW-TO: Share_libraries_using_My SQL/Setting_up_XBMC and should look like this: If you exported your existing DBs, go ahead and import them.

The next time you reopen xbmc, it will access your original library with updated paths, watched file history, and it will find all of the properly cached thumbnails that were created when you had it manually rescrape the library.